Monday, May 4, 2009

The Birthday Weekend

We had a busy weekend. We celebrated Matthew's 7th birthday, which is actually today (@ 9:50 PM). First, we had to be at the ball park at 11:00 to get the boys' baseball pictures made. It was fun because Jonathan got his coaches and teammates to sign his cast (which is blue and red-his team colors). Then we went home to get the boys changed into cooler clothes, and we left for Toys R Us. Matthew spent the money his grandma gave him, and we bought him a couple of more small things. After that, we headed across the street to eat at McDonalds--where Matthew would eat daily if you'd let him. Then it was off to Adventure Crossing (formerly Funsville). I did take one photo of Matthew in Toys R US with his Geoffrey crown and balloon...but alas, it's on my other camera. But below are the other photos from Saturday's festivities.

Matthew wanted to ride all the rides.

Had no problem spinning around and around.

Isn't he so cute on the merry-go-round?

We ALL loved the go-carts!

HOWEVER...not liking the roller coaster so much. It took a whole lot of persuading to get him on. Notice he does not look happy in this first shot.

But after his dad rode with him, he loved it.

He even asked me to ride with him, and he said the cutest thing. "Moma, I'll protect you. I won't let you fall." Isn't that so sweet?

Then it was home for birthday cupcakes and opening presents. He was exhausted when he went to bed!
Happy Birthday, little man! We love you!

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