Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Dog Days

Look at this face! She is such a sweetheart! Her name is Faye, and she's a Pit Bull who is between one and a half and two years old...still has a lot of that puppy energy. (When you see the dog houses below, you'll see where she has chewed them.) She came to our house February 2009 as a puppy with a second dog, a West Highland Terrier. We assume that someone couldn't take care of them and set them out. Cruel, huh? I guess they knew there are still suckers out here who'll take care of them. We found another home for the Westie, and my husband talked me into keeping the Pit Bull. I wasn't sure about it at first, but she has turned out to be such a submissive, sweetheart of a dog!

This is my sweet OLD girl, Sally. She's a 12 year old Lab Mix. She has arthritis and lies around a lot...not nearly as active as she used to be. Just let her out though and watch her go. She amazes me. We've had her since she was a puppy too. We found her as a stray on the side of the rode. She had tons of fleas and was licking a chocolate bar wrapper. We took her home, fed and cleaned her, and she has been the most loyal, lovable dog we've ever had.
We love both of our dogs, but because of their size and the fact that they both shed, we have to keep them outside. They have a nice fenced kennel with a concrete floor. Every week, we give both girls time to run around in the back yard.
This week our weather has been unseasonably HOT. Though the official start of summer is nearly a week away, by today's end, we'll have seen three days in a row of 100+ temperatures (yesterday was a record-breaking 103 in Augusta). So you might feel sorry for my dogs. But really, they are well taken care of...some might say spoiled. They get plenty of water twice a day, sometimes with ice, and then Ed added this to their kennel.
Yes, that is an old ceiling fan, and it works! At first, Sally was scared of it, but both have come to appreciate it in these temperatures!
They aren't too keen on our swimming pool though. They just don't know what they're missing! :)

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  1. Dogs who don't like water? That's practically sacrilege!!!

    Glad you're spoiling 'em with a ceiling fan!