Friday, June 12, 2009

Summer Randomness

This week has convinced me that even in the summer, I need routine. I need a regular bedtime (for me and the kids) and a regular getting up time. Otherwise, I get so little done, and I don't enjoy the week as much.
We have hung out at home pretty much all week, except for a dentist appointment for Matthew yesterday, and doctor's appointment for me today. Matthew got a filling (don't get me started about how I feel about this...), and I got the results of my blood work and a recheck of my blood pressure, which was awesome by the way ( It was 122/76...lowest it has been in years).
Tonight, since I have cooked all week, we are going to a pizza buffet.
Got a call from Jonathan's coach last night, and he needs another player on the All-Star team. Not sure how that's going to pan out...we'll see. But he heads out for practice tomorrow morning.
Looking forward to at least one beach weekend this month, and we're hoping to book a cruise in the near future. I'm sooooo ready for a vacation! Until next time.....See ya!

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