Thursday, August 13, 2009

Beach Trip day 2

On the second day of our trip, Sunday, we had breakfast and took our time checking out of the hotel. We decided at the last minute to drive a half hour away to Hilton Head. It had been several years since we had been there.
Boy, was that not the best decision! We had some fun...don't get me wrong. But Hunting Island was way better. Hilton Head was very crowded. Plus, we were already sunburned from the day before, despite the fact that we had used SPF 45 sunscreen and reapplied. My shoulders were the worst! Anyway, we got to the beach and spent a little money to rent an umbrella. I couldn't have stood it otherwise. Then the water play began. didn't last long. We spent more time on the sand than in the water. The JELLY FISH didn't want us there! Jonathan was the first to get stung, on the leg. After I finally talked him into getting back in the water, he was stung again, this time on his back. When he reached back to get the thing off, it got his hand. And mind you, we were NOT in deep water at all. Maybe knee deep? Then Ed got stung next on his leg. Matthew was next. Me? Well, we joked that either I was very lucky or the jelly fish thought I was too mean and feared me! LOL!
Here are some photo highlights from the day. The first set is a collage of a water fountain for kids just as you approach the boardwalk to go down to the beach.

Finally, this is a photo of Jonathan's jelly fish sting! It actually broke the skin a little. You can still see the mark 4 days later. The lifeguards sprayed it with a mixture of diluted vinegar. Helped with the pain a little. Needless to say, that was Jonathan's last time in the water....and many other folks felt the same way too. Apparently, July and August are the months when the jelly fish are plentiful there. It's funny that 30 minutes back up the coast, we didn't have the jelly fish problem on Hunting Island. :)

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  1. I just read in the paper that August is jellyfish month on the SC coast. I'm hapy to say we didn't encounter a single one when we were in the gulf in July...though I'd been told there were a ton of them! Sorry to hear everyone got stung.