Friday, January 14, 2011

More Winter Photos

It was beautiful to see what the neighborhood looked like on day 2 of our snowcation! It snowed much of the night Sunday night, and then on Monday we had freezing rain. The frozen precipitation resulted in these photos.
Each little stem and branch of our dogwood tree was encased in ice. Looked so cool!
I wouldn't want to jump into this frigid water. Notice the icicles hanging from the diving board.
And the icicles on the lounge chairs! Brrr!
And the landscaping lights!
This was a neat sight, a bird's nest in the dogwood tree. It looked like someone had just scooped up some shaved ice and plopped it into the nest...almost like a sno cone!
The wintry weather, which is just so uncommon for our area of the south, also resulted in two days out of school and a third day when the schools opened on a two hour delay. That hasn't happened in several YEARS! But we enjoyed it, and I think the boys were actually ready to go back to school. I leave you with just a couple of more photos.
Matthew didn't play in it long. It was just too icy for snowman building!
The dogs even got to run around in it!
For now...we're staying warm!

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