Wednesday, August 31, 2011

End of Summer

Today is the last day of August, and even though it stays pretty warm in the south through at least mid-October, I begin to think about fall right about now. Wrapping up summer is kind of sad. The kids have been back in school since the 15th of August, and they are beginning to settle in with their new teachers. Matthew is in fourth grade and is being drilled on those wonderful multiplication facts. Jonathan is a freshman in high school and is taking honors English, Geometry, Biology, and World History. In addition, he is in the Freshmen band class and is taking Spanish I and PE. He is at school until after 6 PM at least 3 days a week for marching band practice. season is here! I love it, although it makes for a busy time of year!

This summer was what I would call "forgettable." Not trying to be a negative "Nancy," but we didn't get to plan and do a lot. Ed went to England for a week for part of his course work in working on his PhD. I had foot surgery (an Osteotomy) on my right foot. That put me out of commission for the most part for six weeks. I am still recovering. We did manage to get in a couple of weekend beach trips right before school started, and we have been taking advantage of the pool lately.

Although I am sad to see summer end (I miss my boys when they go back to school), I look forward to pulling out the fall decorations and sprucing up the house. I even cleaned out our "office" closet this morning! :)

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