Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Changes Coming

I have been thinking for a while now about changing my blog. I am rethinking its purpose, its look, really....everything about it. So I am not sure if this blog will remain at all (not that I have millions of readers!) I'll let you know what I decide as soon as I know.

I have been really busy with the house, the kids, and that weight loss thing I've been "talking" about doing forever. First of all, I have begun trying to get myself more fit. Notice that I did not say that dreaded "D" word! No...I refuse! Anytime I try to "D," I end up falling off the wagon and then quitting, or I get frustrated with people being "food police" when they know I'm on a "D." So...I simply decided to join the gym with a girlfriend of mine. THANKS, Michelle! We have been going for about 7 weeks or so, and so far I am down 16 pounds and can tell a huge difference in my clothes. As far as food goes, well.....let's just say I still LOVE it! I think that's in my genes (and my jeans). I am simply trying to eat a smart breakfast and lunch and then eating what I want at dinner, within reason of course. I knew that if I started trying to cook something different for the kids and hubby, I would throw in the towel quickly! I am also trying to include more fruits and veggies. A staple lately has been red grapes. I make sure I keep those and apples in the house. If I want chocolate, I will have some. I just have a small piece. On Thanksgiving, I ate whatever I wanted all weekend, and with the exercise, the two pounds came off in no time. Last night, I ate what I wanted at the ladies' ornament party at church. I find that if I eat good 90% of the time, and get my exercise in, I will lose weight. And since I am not on a "D," there is no one around to pressure me to hurry! Slow and steady will win the race, right? I will try to keep you updated on my progress. Notice I said, "TRY." I haven't been too good at the consistent blogging thing lately.

In the last post, I mentioned our unfinished dining room. Well, it is now finished. I will try to take some photos and show you, especially since my table is set for Christmas. Ed did an amazing job!

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