Sunday, April 5, 2009


Here's what our weekend was like. First of all, on Friday night, Jonathan played in his first baseball game of the season. It was so exciting. The team they played wasn't that good, because they beat them 17-0. What I'm most proud of though, is that Jonathan pitched two and a half innings, and did a beautiful job! And the kicker? Jonathan hit his first ever home run! I was trying to get my stupid mini-camcorder to turn on, and on the first pitch, which I missed, I heard a SMACK! I looked up from my camera, and watched as the ball kept going and going and going. It went right over the fence! You have never seen a momma make a bigger fool of herself! I was hooping and hollering and jumping up and down...shaking things I didn't know I had! It was thrilling to see as he ran into home plate. His whole team came out of the dug out to pat him, high five him, jump on him and congratulate him. He got a hit 3 out of 4 times at bat. Good game, I'd say! Here are some photos (although I'm disappointed I didn't get the video of the homer)! Doesn't Jonathan look handsome in his uniform? They are the Jackson Phillies.

This was the team huddle after the game.

Okay...the other half of our weekend consisted of this.

We had 2 or 4 hickory trees cut down, depending on how you look at it. The larger of the two was like one tree that had one big trunk and 2 smaller ones. Ed paid to have them cut down ($5oo), and we (the family) have been cleaning up. What a job! I'll try to take more photos after we're done. The house seems so naked without the big one in front! But it will help our poor grass to grow, cut down on the moss, and help keep the mold off of our porch.
Well, that's it. Hope you all had a fun and productive weekend. Gotta get outside now. :)

Edited: Jonathan got a brand new baseball and a ten dollar bill for being the team's MVP for that game! Way to go JK!

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