Monday, April 20, 2009

Thank You's Appropriate!

I LOVE this sign I passed on the way down HWY 278 where a lot of the tornado damage occurred in our little community. The Red Cross has had volunteers helping to clean up. They've brought snacks and drinks around to people working outside in this mess. And those are just things I know they've done firsthand. Also, a local church, Amazing Grace Baptist, made spaghetti dinners, complete with bread, salad, and dessert, and delivered them to homes in the effected neighborhoods. They also delivered meals to workers cleaning up the debris. The day after the tornado, everyone in our neighborhood was outside working, and a friend down the street came by and invited us and everyone else who was living or working in our subdivision to come eat with them. She had set up coolers and tables with sandwich meat, bread, drinks, etc... on her front porch for everyone to eat. (Thanks Sheryl!)
A big THANK YOU to all who helped our little community of Beech Island, SC. We are so grateful! (Below are more photos I took this afternoon of the damage.)

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