Sunday, April 19, 2009

Those are the Breaks!

Ya know how there are times when you just wish you could take on your child's troubles for yourself so that he or she wouldn't have to go through them? Well...this is one of those times. Jonathan broke his foot Friday night. Here he is getting a plaster splint. The cast will be put on next week.

His is called a Jones Fracture, an injury to the fifth metatarsal bone of the foot. Here is what one looks like, in case you are curious (the flash from my camera ruined my photo of his x-ray). Pray that this heals completely, because in Jones fractures, it's common for the break not to heal completely and for surgery to be needed to place a screw that unites the fracture. PLEASE pray this won't be necessary and that it heals quickly as well.

He broke it simply by running and trying to stop suddenly, and he turned his foot awkwardly. At any rate, we had hoped it was only a sprain, but since it wasn't...he's probably going to miss the entire rest of baseball season. He got to pitch and play in only two games. Below are photos of him from his last game Friday night. (By the way...he didn't break it DURING the was afterward!)
If I am to be completely truthful, I am just as upset (if not more) about this probable end to his baseball season as he is. But I guess I should just do as he does, and put a big smile on my face! What a cutie!

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  1. Oh Jonathan! So sorry to hear about this...I'll be praying for quick healing and for no pain. We've been dealing with a broken foot too (Scott broke the sesamoid bone in his foot - that's the bone in the big toe!) but he's not casted and walking with a cane. Quick healing.