Friday, July 17, 2009

Feathers, Fireworks, and Fun in the Pool

Yes, I know. I'm being rather lazy this summer. But IS summer! I don't have much news to report really. We did get our new pool liner put in and got to swim in it for the first time on the 4th of July. I have fireworks and pool pictures to share, but first....I just have to show you this beauty that showed up in our backyard today.
They love the sunflowers growing behind the pool. Their color is so much like the flowers, they are nearly completely camouflaged unless they're moving. Pretty, huh?
Okay, so my fireworks shots aren't the best, but I liked them. It was my first time using my "good" camera (and tripod) to photograph them. I had a blast!! LOL!
Now here are some photos of our fun in the pool. Check out the new blue liner! Man is it blue!
Those 5 kids in the second pool photo are my 2 boys and my nieces and nephew. I'll post more shots of them tomorrow. Have a great weekend!

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