Monday, July 27, 2009

Mountain Trip

Hi Everyone. Just got back from a mini-vacation on Friday, but I'm just now getting around to uploading the photos. (Saturday was spent doing tons of laundry and grocery shopping.) Last week, we traveled to the mountains near Boone, NC to spend some time with Jonathan's half-sister, Grace. I had tons of photos I wanted to share, so I played around with the collage function of Google's Picasa.

This is 11 year old Grace. She is cute as a button and as athletic as she is cute. This is her on a swing her dad made that hangs from a tree in their front yard. She swings so high she can grab the leaves on the tree! Truly, no fear! This next shot is just a special effect you can do with the Picasa program. You can superimpose one image over the top of another. The photo underneath is one I took of the mountain view, seen from her front porch. The image on top is of Grace on her swing. Love this!

Loved spending time with these folks. They are nice, Christian people and were super hospitable. The collage above is of their house (for sale by the way) and yard. Matthew loved picking wild flowers for me with Grace's mom. They even did "an experiment" with Queen Anne's Lace and food coloring. He loved it! The photo of the rocker is just because Ed and I love it so! It was hand made by an Amish man. I have to say...I truly enjoyed this mountain experience! Tomorrow I'll share more.

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