Thursday, September 3, 2009

the Great outdoors!

We are absolutely loving this weather! It is just gorgeous, especially in the morning and late evening. The only downside is the water in our pool is getting too COLD to swim in already! Unbelievable! Our dogs are loving the cooler weather. I've never seen them play so much! We too have found other outdoor activities besides swimming. On Tuesday, Ed decided it was time to take Matthew (age 7) outside and remove the training wheels from his bike. It is time he learned, Ed said. Next thing I knew, the doorbell was ringing. When I opened it, Ed was standing there saying, "Look at that!" Matthew had gotten on his bike (with no training wheels) and just took off! NO BIG DEAL! I stood there stunned. He never fell once! Now if he'll just learn to tie his shoes, we'll be set! LOL!
Below are some photo highlights of the boy free of training wheels! Hope you all have a happy Labor Day,free of, well...Labor!

"Let go, Daddy!"

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