Monday, September 14, 2009

Labor Day Weekend

I know...I am late posting this, but gosh we have been so busy lately, and this week is gonna be even busier, so I'd better get this done. I LOVE some of the fun photos I'm gonna share. On Labor Day weekend, we took the kids to Atlanta for an overnight excursion. Though I enjoyed it, I don't know that I would visit on that particular weekend again. First of all, the Alabama vs. Virginia Tech game was being played in town. Football fans had us packed like Sardines on the MARTA (which my kids loved, by the way). Then there was the annual black gay pride weekend at our hotel, and oh...did I mention Dragon Con, the Sci-Fi convention was being held a few blocks away? It looked like Halloween on every corner!
Anyway, we had 2 free tickets to the World of Coca Cola. We did that the first day. I am really surprised my kids liked it as much as they did....Matthew especially. It amazes me how much he likes museum type places at such a young age. On the second day, we went to Zoo Atlanta. I have to be honest, it was not my favorite part of the trip. While I love zoos in general, I think the Riverbanks Zoo in SC is much better and not so crowded! At one point I told Ed that if I bumped into one more person I was going to scream! And it was HUMID that day! We did have some fun, and I got some decent pictures with my Canon. Below are some highlights from the weekend.

Yes, I did manage to get in ONE photo!

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  1. Ah, yes...I could have told you about Dragon* friend (whose wedding I was in) went there as PART of her honeymoon! Great pictures though. my favorites are the last two...the tongues and the snake.