Monday, May 24, 2010

Wrapping up a Season

This weekend, Matthew's baseball team came to our house to celebrate the end of their season. The Red Sox swam, played baseball, grilled hot dogs, and ate this beautiful cake. At the end, their coach and one of the parents presented them with their trophies. Matthew was funny today. He said, "I must be good. Every time I play on a team, we all get trophies!" LOL!
This was his first time doing pitching machine baseball. He was really doing well. In fact, his coach said that if he had a "most improved" award to give to anyone, it would be Matthew. His T-ball coach saw him play and couldn't believe how much he had matured and gotten better.

The season wasn't the best. They actually forfeited their last several games due to the fact that a lot of players weren't showing up. But I'm just glad Matthew had fun. Hey...he hit his first homerun just a couple of weeks ago! GOOOOOO Red Sox!

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