Monday, July 21, 2008

Monday Musings

1. My sis-in-law and nephew+2 nieces are coming in the morning. YEAH!
2. My to-do list for today looks something like this:
*vacuum upstairs
*clean bath tubs
*Mop bathrooms
*straighten playroom
*vacuum downstairs
*mop kitchen
I'm sure there are other things if I find the time (like dinner).
3. My son is riled because the Crocodile from Webkinz just came out less than a month ago, and they are already retiring it. Do you do Webkinz? Great kid stuff!
4. I miss my friend, Kim. She was going to come spend a weekend with me, and the summer is almost over! Hey Kim.....if you're reading.....I miss you!
5. I got my new drapery panels hung in my dining room. They are a pine green. For some reason, I'm loving green lately.
6. Looking forward to a vacation in Pikesville, TN....specifically to visit Fall Creek Falls State Park. This place looks awesome. Check out the pictures of the waterfalls! I expect to take some awesome photos there! My little boy was so scared that if we went hiking there, we'd run into a bear. So I E-mailed the nice folks at the state park service there, and they replied very matter of factly, "There are no bears at Fall Creek Falls State Park." I read the note to Matthew and he said, "Yeah! That's really great, Moma!" So now he's willing to go!
7. I'm looking forward to my birthday crop. Nothing like getting together with a bunch of girlfriends to scrapbook and eat cake!!!

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  1. I found your blog from your sensory processing label. My son has recently been diagnosed with SPD and it was helpful reading your information. I'll have to research that medication in case it is an option for Eli.