Monday, July 14, 2008


Here's what Jonathan looked like the day he got back from camp, completely wiped out!

And here's what he looked like a couple of days later after a different kind of wipeout! My baby fractured his left arm Saturday night. We didn't take him to the ER until Sunday morning (I know...I'm a terrible mom!) because it barely swelled at all, and he could move it around just fine. I thought it was sprained, so his dad and I told him we'd take him for an x-ray the next morning if it still hurt. So.....I was wrong! In fact, when he ran in the house right after it happened, he said through his sobs, "Moma, I think I broke my arm." I feel bad I didn't believe it. (Maybe because it was just a week or two ago that he jammed his finger and "thought" he broke it.) He had this huge box in the back yard; it was the box his brother's electric 4-wheeler came in. He was trying to jump over it (like a hurdle) without touching it. Well...he tripped and landed on his forearm. He has a buckle fracture and should heal fairly quickly. They put a cast on and in about 8 or 9 days, we see the orthepedic doctor, who will tell us how long he has to wear this big heavy thing. It's the plaster kind, and he can't get it wet at all. We'll deal with it though. I am glad it wasn't worse.
Hope you all are having a blessed week. Thanks for reading.


  1. So sorry to hear about Jonathan's arm....that stinks. Praying for quick healing!

  2. Well that is just sad. Especially since he can't get it swimming. Well, when you take him to the orthopedic if he tells you that he has to wear it for a while longer be sure to ask about the new waterproof cast. (not sure that is what they are called, but there is something new on the market that can get wet)