Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Wordy Wednesday

My older son is growing up (sniff, sniff). On Monday, Jonathan left for church camp and will be gone until Friday. Before he got in the van, I tried to say goodbye and get a kiss. Instead, I got a half-hearted hug and a "bye." I mean, come on....the other guys were watching! We also gave him a calling card so that he could call us. We've heard absolutely nothing! LOL! I really didn't think he'd call, but I could hope!
The summer is speeding along. I've already purchased Matthew's book bag for school. Normally, I don't buy a new one every year, especially if their old ones work just fine, but Matthew's has had a hole in it ever since the middle of kindergarten. He got a cool new Spiderman book bag with matching wallet to go with his Spiderman lunch box--all ready for first grade!
Other things on my mind:
1. I'm trying to implement Stacy Julian's Library of Memories method of organizing my photos and albums. I did something similar to hers with category drawers, but I never knew what to do with photos just printed nor with memorabilia. I'll let you know how it works out.
2. Looking forward to seeing my nephew and my nieces (from NY) around the 20th! (wish I could see my brother... BEFORE Thanksgiving!)
3. Matthew did soooo much better on his SIPT evaluation yesterday at OT. Still some issues with balance/coordination and other sensory problems, but soooooo much better than a year ago! Which means we're making steady progress! Thank you, Valerie!
4. Oh, and Matthew had a perfect dental check-up today!
5. Instead of blogging, I need to be working on balancing my checkbook and writing bills, but I think it will wait until tomorrow!
Sorry I have missed blogging for a few days...just got busy. Have a great week....or what's left of it!


  1. Yes... that's life. But at least you get to live in a beautiful place.

  2. Thanks, Randall. I agree.

  3. That's the thing about kids...they grow up...too fast, too!

    Last year, I bought Hannah a new backpack for school (Tinkerbell, of course). By December, it was clear she needed a new one...both zippers busted out, mud all over the bottom, and the bottom was worn off, too (meaning that everything INSIDE the bag got ruined). We ended up buying THREE backpacks on clearance for $4 each. The one she used for the 2nd half of the year is still good, but battered and dirty. Think we go to the new one for the start of this year.