Sunday, August 10, 2008

Catching up

Hi Everyone! Just had to plug my son's new blog. It's so cleverly titled Jonathan's Journey! He did his first entry back in May, but after a discussion on possible topics, he has picked it back up this morning. Check it out!

Here's my to do list today:

1. Church (well...we didn't make it this morning. Jonathan and now Matthew are fighting colds, and if I'm to be completely honest, we're just wiped out from "returning from our trip." You know...all the unpacking, laundry, grocery shopping, etc...)

2. Schedule and plan church crop

3. Finish bills.

4. Find Wednesday ride for Jonathan after school.

5. Upload vacation photos and send order for prints.

Okay...if I'm to get any of this done, I must stop blogging now. Maybe later today I will add photos from our trip.

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