Thursday, August 28, 2008

A Mom's Ramblings

I have to warn you! This post is kind of long! Sort of just getting my thoughts on
I have been feeling blue this week. I think fatigue has begun to set in. I need to start going to bed earlier. I can't put my finger on it, but I just feel sad this week, no interest in much of anything. Ever felt like that?
I worry about Matthew in first grade. He has his first spelling test on Friday. I did a practice test with him yesterday. He passed, but it took SOOO long. So if the teacher doesn't make time accomodations for him, he may blow it. We'll see. I guess I shouldn't worry until after the first one. We put him on ADD meds again yesterday. His OT said his attention span was all over the place at therapy yesterday afternoon. Perhaps by then (4-5 PM), it is wearing off. I will give it another week or so and then speak to his teacher to see if I need to increase the dosage. (He's on the smallest dose.)
Jonathan has had a ton of homework. We have fully intended to start going back to Wednesday night worship at church, but it's so hard, and Jonathan especially is disappointed. If I don't have another stop to make, we usually get home from therapy on Wednesdays at around 5:30. Then after supper, we complete homework (which we begin in the waiting room at the hospital). That means we have a little less than an hour to finish homework and eat dinner before leaving for church. Maybe soon we can make it work. I try to do an easy dinner on Wed. night. Last night it was frozen pizza, but we still didn't make it.
Today, since I still feel kind of blue, ya know what I'm going to do? I'm going to my scrapbook room for a little craft therapy! I did laundry yesterday, dinner is planned out, and I don't have to leave the house until 2:30 PM. SO... maybe tomorrow I'll post the results of my creative endeavors.
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Today, Jonathan goes to his first middle school "dance." It's a back to school bash with a DJ that you pay to go to after school. He was excited about it....that Jonathan can cut a rug I tell you! I just hope the music is in good taste. Unless we hear it on TV, we rarely venture from WAFJ Christian music at our house. If you read this, pray for me this week. Pray that I'll get out of this slump! Oh, and have a great Labor Day weekend coming up!


  1. I wouldn't count for much "good taste" in the music that will be at the dance...but if Jonathan is grounded in his faith, which we know he is, he will know to file that music in "garbage in, garbage out" and take the trash out right away.

    I totally feel ya on the blues thing...I'm there too...tired...

  2. Kim,
    I think as mother's we get the "blues" more often than most of us would like to admit. We just get tired of the same ole' same ole'. I always get blue when school starts (and my kids don't even go! Mike does, though). I love the relaxed feeling of summer, it's like time stands still and all is right with the world.

    I don't want to try to fix you, but something I do is always check my time with God and then I blow the routine for just a little bit. Sometimes I decide to go to dinner, get ice-cream, or watch a movie in the middle of the day, just something to change things up a bit. Walk around the mall, meet a friend for lunch...I will be praying for you, Kim...I'm glad that you were are just normal...I'll pray for you this time, if you pray for me when it's my turn. :)