Wednesday, August 13, 2008

School Days, School Days....

We went to 6th grade orientation (for parents) last night. I met 2 of Jonathan's 4 teachers. If he works hard, I think he'll have a good year. He got his locker assignment and brought home his combination lock to practice with. He has done it over and over and over, almost a pro at it. LOL!
This year, I will have 4 kids riding to school in the morning. I am taking two of Jonathan's friends to school, and picking up one of them in the afternoon. I will be dropping off Matthew first at the elementary school, then the older boys at the middle school. Should be an interesting year.
Today, Matthew begins OT again after a break since May. I think it will be harder for Matthew than anyone to start a new routine. He'll do fine though...I'll make sure of it. Well...hope you all have a great week and enjoy what little is left of this summer! I leave you with a few more photos from TN.

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  1. Hannah started today...only 1/2 day, but still more peace and accomplishment in that half! Scotty starts preschool on Monday...can't WAIT for that!!!