Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Little Things

Part of our daily routine! Yep, we do homework in the car. Matthew's school lets out at 2:25 PM, and Jonathan's school lets out at 3:10. So we have about 30 minutes to do homework. It's so much easier just getting it done then. Of course, we save reading until right before bedtime. This is a photo of Matthew doing his math. I enjoy taking photos of the mundane stuff like this. The kids hopefully will love looking back and remembering the little things!


  1. Is Matthew showing you a problem or is he mad at you and "flipping" you off? ;-)

    I wish I could get my kid to sit down and do her homework right away. She is really good at math once she "gets it" but it's a battle every time.

  2. Linda, you are too funny! I didn't even realize that he had his middle finger up! LOL! He was actually using his fingers to add 3 + 2.