Tuesday, March 3, 2009

More Random Thoughts

Here are some random thoughts for your Tuesday.

1. I miss my husband. He's in Phoenix, AZ. Here's the note he left me and the kids before he left.

But I have to admit...I'm not cooking nearly as much this week. And that's a plus! (But I still miss you babe!)

2. While he's gone, my 6 year old got bronchitis and will miss school tomorrow for a second day this week. Poor sweet boy! He's coughing his head off right now as I type.
3. Don't even want to talk about the Bachelor! Okay, yes I do. OMG....I can't even believe that finale...or rather the aftermath of the finale. Poor Melissa...you deserve better, girl! Besides,
you didn't really want to go through life beside that guy who is always hyper correcting his grammar. "Her and I..." Speaking of Ty..."between him and I." Give me a break! Doesn't he know to use "She and I" when used as subjects, and "him and me" when used as objects? (Okay...maybe I'm being just a tad OCD here.)
4. Looking forward to seeing what happens with American Idol tonight and tomorrow. I liked the picks from last week.
5. I'm planning our church crop for next month. It's going to have a GREEN theme....in every sense of the word. Should be fun.
Gosh, this day and this post has flown by. Until next time!

1 comment:

  1. I hope I can go to the crop again...depends on when you have it. There is a local crop here on the 13th...it would be nice to meet some ladies locally who scrapbook. But no matter where I go, I MUST be prepared this time...sheesh!