Thursday, March 5, 2009

Quick post

Well, today I have both kids home sick. I took them to the after hours clinic last night. Matthew is now on steroids to try and get his cough/inflammation under control. My 12 year old came home yesterday with a 103 temp. He has a sinus infection. Poor babies! But boy am I ever glad that Ed is due home today! I can hardly wait to see him.
I am motivated to do nothing today, but maybe I'll get up to my scrapbook room later. That sounds good, huh. I plan to watch the clock though. I want to make a yummy dinner for my man.
It is supposed to reach almost 80 degrees here in the next couple of days, and baseball season officially starts around here on Saturday. So keep your fingers crossed that the boys feel like participating! Until next time...have a lovely day.


  1. Praying for healthy boys for you. I've managed to work out twice this week - yippee!!! And with the warm weather, I know we'll be outside at least part of the day tomorrow and Saturday. We're having company Saturday for dinner; I'm making my easy and yummy pot roast!

  2. I hope they are feeling better!

    Happy blogoversary!