Thursday, February 26, 2009


Hi everyone. Just had to share a couple of photos I took last night at the middle school science fair. That light blue ribbon on the left side of Jonathan's display says "Superior." We are so proud of him! He came in second place, but his science teacher said it's so subjective that it could have easily been just a toss of the coin between Jonathan's and first place. He soooo wanted the first place though, which was a medal. Oh well. This was his first year, and perhaps this will motivate him to shoot for first place next year! And that's Matthew's head at the bottom of the photo. LOL!
Don't you love the letters on Jonathan's display? They were cut using our Cricut electronic die cut machine. The atoms were stamped using white acrylic paint and my $1 foam stamp picked up at Michael's. This next photo was taken in the school's computer room. I just had to snap this one of Jonathan and some of his friends. The girl to the right with the darker hair is his girlfriend (yes...I know they're only 12.) Okay...gotta run get ready for our Creek Crop! Have a marvelous weekend!

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  1. Tell Jonathan I said congratulations on the great presentation...and that his girlfriend is cute!

    Crop? Tomorrow night? hmmmm....wonder if I could squeeze that in...Scott's actually going to be in Thompson judging a music festival all day Saturday....that would be a good excuse for him to be here early tomorrow night for ME to go, hee hee. Don't know if I can justify driving all the way there for a crop...but I would sure try!