Tuesday, February 10, 2009

It's Tough Being a Woman in a Mean World......

Hi. Can I just say AGAIN that I am so enjoying the Beth Moore Bible study I am currently doing? I just had to share this.
If you've never read the book of Esther (or even if you have), you should get a contemporary version of the Bible or get a study Bible (like Life Application Bible) and go through it again....slowly. I realize that there's a lot I have missed. For example....
When Haman and King Xerxes ordered the total annihilation of the Jews, they sat down and had a drink together as the message was being delivered throughout the province. Now if you've ever done a Beth Moore study, she doesn't just give you facts. She brings it home! Below is a quote from part of the study that resonated with me in a personal way.

"We've each been hurt by someone, but no one on earth has hurt us more than those who seem callous to it. We're acquainted with trying to deal with the wrongdoing of others while they go on with life, oblivious to our pain. We fight an urge to corner them in a public place and scream, 'Don't you get it?' If they won't judge themselves, the fleshly part of us would gladly enlist a group to help us judge them. The situation becomes even more complicated when you sense that very person who helped your life to fall apart wonders why you can't get it together."

Does anyone relate to what she's saying? Sister....I sure do! That kind of hurt takes a while to work through. Glad to know we have a God who understands and from whom NOTHING is hidden!
Okay...just thought I'd share and highly recommend this study! Have a great week!

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  1. I have The Message...I'll have to dig into the book of Esther. I know that the church I went to on Sunday is doing the same study...might be a good one. But Beth Moore studies always scare me...SO intense!