Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Some of my thoughts today

Don't you love my new mug? I got it for just 5 bucks at Lifeway bookstore yesterday. I went in to get a couple of devotional books to do with each of my sons before bedtime. And I saw this mug, on sale no less, and had to have it! I'm learning a lot about trust and fear these days. Through my study of the book of Esther with Beth Moore, I have discovered that I often am motivated by fear. Too often I ask myself, "Well, what if this happens?" Or..."If I do this, suppose that happens." And I become my own biggest obstacle in accomplishing things God put me here to do. I am learning that if I just trust God when he keeps my worst fears from happening, then it's a conditional trust that isn't worth much. I need to trust Him even IF my worst fears come true. IF is an acronym for "I Fear." Hopefully this new found thinking will take root in my heart, and I won't forget this lesson. Anyway, I think it was providence that I came across this mug after doing the lesson on fear. Cool, huh?
On other fronts, I am getting ready for our monthly crop at church. Last month we had 15 ladies, and we'll soon outgrow our little room. But I'm so thankful that our church lets us do this. We have great fun.
Oh, and Sally, our dog, is doing okay, I guess. Her stomach seems a little upset from the meds, and her leg is still swollen at the wound site, but the vet did take the drainage tube out, and he seemed optimistic. He said the only other option would be to surgically remove that cystic area. Hoping that isn't necessary, and that the antibiotics do the job. My grandparents had to have their dog, Buster, (age 14 1/2) put to sleep this weekend. They are crushed, but he was doing very poorly and is so much better off now. I know he'll be missed though.
Enjoying today because I don't have to rush to pick up Matthew from school. We are taking a month to a month and a half off from therapy. I was beginning to feel a little overwhelmed with everything, so I just asked for the time off. Both his OT and speech therapist feel that he's doing so well, the time off won't hurt. So tonight, we are going to Jonathan's school to see his and other science projects displayed in the gymnasium. His project was about static electricity. It was quite cool, actually. Hope he does well.
Enjoy the rest of your week.

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