Friday, February 20, 2009

One sick puppy

Well, at 11 years old, she's not exactly a puppy. Sally, our Lab/Pointer mix, had to be taken to the vet again today. I took her a week and a half ago due to some lameness in her left hind leg, and a cyst type lump on the same thigh. The vet drew fluid from it, looked at it under a microscope and sent her home with arthritis meds. Well, yesterday afternoon, I noticed this dime sized cyst was now almost as big around as the door knob, and hurt her for me to touch it. So I took her in today and they kept her. She has an abscess...which I believe got infected from her last vet visit (they shaved over the cyst and nicked it...then did a needle aspiration.) At any rate, here is a picture of Sally after $274 dollars and a lot of humiliation for Sally, wearing that E-collar, as they called it. She hates it, but she has a drainage tube that MUST stay in until Monday. Yep...I'm stuck here to take care of the dog this weekend. The wound has to be flushed out with saline daily. She has to be given antibiotics and pain pills, and then on Monday we go back to have the drainage tube removed. Realize...she is an outdoor dog.
This weekend...she's a laundry room dog. She can't get dirt in that wound for at least a week.
I seldom take a good photo of my dog without those horrible colored eyes. Hers are actually brown. But you get the idea.
Wish us (and her) luck!

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  1. sorry to hear about're a good mom, to both human and animals, though...

    If you want to get rid of that "blue eye", you need to get a boot flash and stop using the pop-up...or get used to using your camera without flash. We need some working sessions and some photoshop training!