Wednesday, May 7, 2008

but shock

HA! HA! The funniest quote of the entire weekend was from, who else...Matthew of course. He had a horse at his birthday party, and for a while, he had a hard time getting the name of the horse right. His name was Buckshot....but to Matthew he was "but shock!" I guess that's what it was like to ride bare back for the first time! LOL (and click on them if you'd like a larger view). The party turned out great, and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. Check out these photos from the party! The electric 4-wheeler was Matthew's big gift! He LOVED it! One of my favorite shots of the day was the photo of a little boy (below) on a stick horse, and Buckshot, the REAL horse is checking him out! So cute!

1 comment:

  1. You need to submit that picture (of the little boy and the play horse/real horse) to Parade Magazine...the one in the Sunday paper...that is PRICELESS! (of course, you must get permission from his mom, first)