Wednesday, May 14, 2008


I am LOVING the "28 Days" class I'm taking. Above are the 2 latest projects I've done. Basically, we have one photo assignment per day and one project per day for 28 days. It really helps me be creative....even when I'm busy and overrun with other things to do. Like today....I had to take Matthew for a surgery consult. Fortunately, the doctor doesn't recommend surgery, and he does NOT believe that he has a dermoid cyst (see April post here.) He thinks it is a "subcutaneous hemangioma." Not sure if I spelled that right. Basically, it's a blob of blood vessels below the skin. When they fill up with blood, it looks swollen, but ordinarily, it's just a slightly bit more prominent than the other side (his head above the eyebrow). So we're just going to "watch" it. Hopefully it will do as he thinks it will and just go away over time. After the doctor's appointment, we went to lunch and Toys R Us. Matthew wanted to spend his birthday money...and he did for the most part. He has been playing ever since we got home. Made dinner and had to photograph it (yep...for my class). I've gotten a little behind with the projects and have been playing catch up after the boys go to bed. Well...that's about it for today. Hope you all have a blessed Thursday.


  1. What a beautiful candle Kim, and I love the layout with your "daily tasks" what a great idea.

  2. Hey Kim! :-) I'm loving your projects, you're doing awesome. And the fridge... yes, is is a Whirlpool! lol!