Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Hopefully you all had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend. We did. As the official start of summer unfolded, I thought it appropriate to experience the pool for the first time this season. All I can say is.....Brrr! It's still way too cold for me. I am begging my dear hubby to get out the solar cover and warm that baby up! The kids are loving it though, and Matthew is beginning to regain his courage and swimming skills that seemed to have withered a bit during the colder seasons.
Saturday, we enjoyed the pool, grilled hotdogs, ate strawberry shortcake, and just hung out. Monday, we grilled hamburgers (perfectly grilled this time...that's a blog entry for another day), braved the cold pool, and enjoyed ice cream cones. My kids had a very nice, relaxing weekend with no place to hurry to, other than church on Sunday. And I could really tell this morning that it did them a world of good. They both woke up on their own, without being grumpy or forced out of bed, and they both got to school on time without any fussing or whining! I think all of the T-ball, school, and baseball stuff was beginning to tire them! We have 1 or 3 more games of baseball (depending on whether or not we have to make up a couple of rained out games). This is the last full week of school, with next Monday being the final whole day. Then they attend Tues.-Thursday half days (Yep...probably a waste of time, but the older kids have to take those exams)!

To end, I thought I'd post a couple of more pictures of photo assignments and projects from the awesome "28 Days" class" I've been taking. Have a great week!


  1. Hey Kim,
    Your blog is looking good. I love the cute projects you are making. To answer your question about Angel Food Ministries - no you don't have to "qualify", thank goodness. It is open to anyone. I had heard of it before and thought about using it many times, but Margaret is actually the one who did it first. After I saw the good quality of the food, I thought it was a great deal. It can just help boost your pantry without killing your budget.

  2. Rain...rain...thunder, lightning, tornado watches, thunderstorm and flood warnings.

    THAT'S how we spent the weekend, lol!

    And PLEASE be in prayer about our possible move to SC...Scott got an email (sent last week while he was gone with no access to his govt email, of course!) stating that someone else was now slated there...and HIS name wasn't even ON the list (I TOLD him it was a bad idea to mention *possible* deployment - which isn't even *possibly happening* until 2010 - but he didn't listen to me...sigh)