Friday, May 2, 2008

birthday boy

This is the birthday boy! We will be spending this weekend getting ready for his party on Sunday. He has invited his whole class, but since no one rsvp's anymore (a pet peeve of mine), I have no idea who is coming. I know of at least 4, and that's it. Anyhow...we've hired someone to bring a horse for the kids to ride. He is so excited that a "Real" horse is coming to his house! This particular horse is used in therapy with special needs kids, so I'm sure it will be great. We're going to ride the horse and play a couple of other games with the others who are not riding. Then cake, ice cream, presents, then we're DONE!
I can't believe my BABY is turning 6 years old. It just can't be! Can it? Some of you know my story, others don't. I prayed for this child for YEARS! My husband and I couldn't seem to get pregnant. So God sent us Jonathan, a beautiful baby boy who we adopted at birth. When we were ready for another, God prompted us to go the fertility route again....which I didn't understand because after having exploratory surgery, the specialist told me that he "couldn't promise" my tubes would ever work. I gave up. But then a year later....surprise! I was pregnant with Matthew! What an answer to prayer!
Let me encourage you. God ALWAYS answers our prayers. He has told me NO. He has told me NOT YET, and He has told me "Okay." Little or big prayers...he hears them all. As a funny little example of a little prayer He answered recently....I was in Wal-mart on a Sunday evening. There were 4 registers open and lines and lines of people. I was at the back of register 14's line! I had worn flip-flops all day, and boy did my feet ache! I just tried to be calm, and I whispered to God, "Please, God. Let someone open reg. #15 and check me out." And about TWO seconds later...guess what happened! A man came from behind the customer service counter, walked up to register #15 and opened it. I said, "Are you checking out?" He said, "Come on!" I couldn't resist telling the nice man that he was an answer to prayer! LOL!
Well....if you see my baby out and about this weekend, be sure to wish him a happy sixth birthday! He and his brother are true gifts from God!

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