Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Mother's Day and t-ball

Well, Mother's Day is just a little more than a week away. This photo was taken last year on Mother's Day. I'm not sure I'm going home this year (she lives 3 hours away). So I wish I knew of something special I could do for her rather than just sending her money or a gift card. I've done a mother/daughter scrapbook once, which she loves and keeps on her coffee table. My mind is blank at the moment. If you have any terrific ideas within the next couple of days, let me know.

Well, last night Matthew had another T-ball game. Got there for a game at 6:00....the game wasn't until 7 PM. (Yep....that 40 something brain thing again!) They played two games this week, and Matthew hit the ball 3 out of 4 times at bat without the Tee! Now that's amazing. If you only knew the change that is from last year's still wouldn't believe it. For a child with develepmental delays....he continues to amaze us daily!

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  1. YAY for Matthew!!!!

    And here's an idea for a Mother's Day gift...I forgot about doing this...might do it for Christmas instead, or birthdays....

    make your own book!!!