Saturday, April 26, 2008

my son rocks!

Jonathan's school presented, "Scenes from High School Musical," their fifth grade production Thursday night. It was FANTASTIC! My boy had a two solo parts and a couple of small speaking parts. No one really knew he could sing so well! He did a great job and made us so proud. They performed Friday also for the whole school, and the Augusta Chronicle was there. Maybe he'll be in the paper! :)

Also...just in case I haven't shouted it out to you, I wanted to tell you about something I picked up at Sam's Club that I thought was a real bargain. It is pictured below. Look at all the goodies it comes with in addition to the nice suede-feel tote bag, the 12 x 12 album, paper, tools, stickers, and embellishments! It was only $30. They had it in different colors also. (click on photo for larger view.)


  1. Congrats Jonathan! And Kim...let's see some video!!!!

    How cool about that tote, but I don's have a Sam's nearby....I think there MIGHT be one in Topeka, though....

  2. Jonathan did GREAT! I was so proud of him! He does have amazing talent!