Monday, April 21, 2008

Monday "Ketchup"

Okay...I've got some "Ketching" up to here it goes. Friday was a busy but great day. First, I chaperoned a field trip for Matthew's kindergarten class. We went to Gurosik's Berry Plantation. The kids got to see a working bee hive, feed the catfish, and pick strawberries. They also got to drink homemade strawberry slushies and eat a picnic lunch. The kids all had a blast, and if you live in the area, I would highly recommend this as a fun family trip. The third photo is the catfish pond. If you click on the photo, hopefully it will bring up a bigger version and you can see just how many catfish we were feeding! Wowza!

Friday night, I took Jonathan to his baseball game while Ed took Matthew to t-ball. Matthew hit the ball on his first pitch! Way to go Tooey!

Jonathan had two base hits out of three times up to bat, and played an excellent first base! Here are some of the photos I've been promising. Aren't they both so handsome? Oh, and Jonathan's team won 10-5 by the way.

Saturday and Sunday was scrapbooking and church and the usual business. Well, things crank right back up today. Between the two boys, we've got 4 games this week. But ya know what? I wouldn't change a thing! I LOVE this time of year!

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  1. How cool to see all those catfish. I remember taking the kids berry picking a few years ago, but they were too young and it was very stressful. I might try agian soon though, since they are older.