Wednesday, April 9, 2008

full week ahead

Just thought I'd post once more before the morning. We are going to my parents' house tomorrow (a three hour drive) for a day or two. We'll be back before the weekend because Ed wants to work Friday. Then the weekend will be for enjoyment! Next week will be hectic. Get this! On Monday, Jonathan has a baseball game in a town 30 minutes away. On Tuesday, Matthew has a home game. On Wednesday, Matthew gets out of school early for OT and speech therapy. On Thursday, Jonathan has a home game. On Friday, Matthew has a home game at 6 PM and Jonathan has a game 30 minutes away at....yep-you guessed it! The same time...6 PM!!!!! I really don't want to miss Jonathan's game, so Matthew may just have to miss T-ball on Friday. Can''t do everything! Right? do sense a little guilt. I know Matthew's t-ball is just as important as baseball for Jonathan, but Matthew's absense won't be as critical as Jonathan's would be. And I just can't miss Jonathan's games! Oh...who am I kidding? I may just break down and take Matthew to his t-ball game. We'll see, and I'll let you know next week what I decided! :)

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