Tuesday, April 15, 2008

victory and failure

Woo Hoo! My boy's team won their first game. They beat Williston 13-6! Way to go White Sox! Jonathan played first base, but the other team didn't hit the ball much, so he saw little action there. He batted three times--walked the first time up, struck out the second, and got hit with the ball the third time (and so got on base). He scored two runs. They did a pretty good job! Tonight, Matthew has his first T-ball game. We have a total of 5 games this week! :0

I just talked to my mom on the phone, and she told me she and dad went to Capri's restaurant for their anniversary last night. I think it was their 45th! What a failure I am as a daughter! I usually send a card or at least call, and I completely forgot it was their day! I'll have to think of something nice to do later.

Today would have been my grandmother Bethel's birthday. (Funny I could remember that!) She died 3 years ago, just 2 days prior to Ed's dad. I think she would have been 86 or 87 today had she lived. I miss her.

Well, that's about all I've got today. Hope you all have a blessed day! :)

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