Thursday, April 24, 2008


Spring has definitely sprung hasn't it? The pollen is just about to take over here! My older son has been sneezing and stuffy nosed, my little one woke up with a sore throat this morning, and my nose has been clogged for a couple of weeks now! Geez!!!
But I do like a lot of things about spring. I love how everything starts turning green. The birds are building nests, baseball season is in full swing, and there are blooming things everywhere! The kids love it because they are beginning to spend more time outdoors. I love these photos of Matthew. He so wanted to keep this little caterpillar. He called it his "friend." He put it in a box in the garage with grass, leaves, and some water. It was kind of cute actually. He didn't mind letting it crawl on him at all. Me? I wouldn't even hold it. The bottom of a caterpillar gives me the creeps! Well, before the day was done, I had to tell Matthew that his "friend" would die if he didn't set him free. So he did the noble thing and released him into the shrubs where we found him. Hopefully we'll see Matthew's friend again one day as a beautiful butterfly!

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