Friday, April 4, 2008

Thursday ramblings

Today, my hubby and I are going on a real date (not to our son's school to watch a movie about puberty). He's taking me to lunch at Olive Garden, which is one of my all time favorite places to eat. We have to steal time when we can, and usually it's when the kids are at school, and he's off occasionally on Fridays. He actually took the day off today to finish our income taxes (yes...someone prcrastinated this year LOL! ). So we'll be celebrating getting that done!

Last night was supposed to be Jonathan's first baseball game. He looked so handsome in his uniform. He plays for the White Sox. Matthew had practice at 5 pm and Jonathan was supposed to be at his game in another town around 5:45. So Ed got off early so he could get Jonathan to his game, while I was at practice with Matthew. I took Matthew only to discover that his practice was cancelled. They were going to give out T-ball game schedules, but they weren't ready yet. While there, Ed called on my cell phone to let me know that Jonathan's game was cancelled due to the field being flooded. Yep....we had a bucket-load of rain yesterday morning! So no practice and no game! I was disappointed. I had really looked forward to snapping photos of Jonathan in his element. We think he's playing first base. He's pretty good, and we're happy he enjoys it so much. Now his first game is scheduled for 2 weeks away.
Both boys brought home report cards yesterday. We were very pleased! Jonathan had all A's except a B in reading. Matthew has improved dramaticallly in some areas; for example, in number recognition, an area where he's really struggled, he went from 36% all the way to 84% in one nine-week period. So awesome! This coming week, we hope to enjoy a well-deserved spring break.

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  1. Good report cards are always great!

    I'm busy nursing a sick boy today...he HATES being much as I HATE for him to be sick. Been covering him in a LOT of prayer....