Thursday, April 17, 2008

on being 40 something

What is it that happens to you after you turn 40? I mean, really. I had always had perfect eyesight, and now....I can't see with my glasses and I can't see without them (must get new prescription), at least the small print on things like medicine bottles and expiration dates on coupons. And there are days when I think I'm getting senile. Take yesterday for example. I spoke with both my mom and grandmother on the phone. Both asked if I had anywhere to go. I happily said, "No...I finally get a day to stay home." At 2:30, I picked up my kids from school. Jonathan said, "Moma, Why didn't you take Matthew to therapy?" I said, "Oh my gosh! I completely forgot! I must be losing my mind!" You see, this is a WEEKLY thing I do. I pick him up from school EVERY Wednesday to go to OT and speech at the medical college. I even had it on my calendar, for heaven's sake. Okay, and then my wonderfully loving husband reminds me that in less than 4 months, I'll be 44! YIKES! What will I be like at 60 if I'm around then? LOL! Have a little chuckle at my expense! Go ahead!


  1. getting old stinks. You're optometrist told me I'm a candidate for bifocals THIS year. We're waiting one year, but quite frankly, I catch myself wishing for longer arms all the time!

    (side note: Cheap glasses at - get your new prescription (be sure to get the PD measurement) and order them from here...seriously!)

    And I've lost every semblance of a brain. Calendars? Writing it down? Doesn't help a lick! Sigh....

    I can just see Alzheimer's setting in early....

  2. Girl...I don't think it has anything to do with being fourty. I think it has to do with all the things we try to squeeze into thes modern times. I have to put anything and everything in my outlook at work to remind me of things...unfortunatly it does not work when I am at home ont he weekends! lol!