Monday, June 9, 2008

fifth grade social

Last Friday night (May 30), I chaperoned my son's fifth grade social. Okay... it was a dance, but really it was a bunch a kids (and a few brave grown-ups) doing line dances and eating the tons of food that was brought. The kids had a great time, and I didn't realize until this night that my son was such a dancing fool! LOL! He really got into it and had a great time. Nothing shy about him! The photos above sort of let you see what it was like. The first photo is Jonathan with his teacher....I get a photo of him with his teacher every year. The first song on my play list was one of the songs they played at the dance over and OVER and over again! It was a fun dance, and not too hard to learn for wall flowers like myself. I had never heard it until this night...yeah, I know. I don't get out much! I know this night will be one Jonathan won't soon forget.

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