Sunday, June 29, 2008

whirlwind weekend

We had a good weekend....though it went by quickly. We left Friday morning for Atlanta. My husband bought something off Ebay, and we picked it up in Suwanee, GA and made a weekend trip of it.
The first night was just getting to the hotel and exploring downtown on foot. We ate dinner at a place called Tropical Cajun (underground, no less). Great food. I tried fried Plantain for the first time. Yum! These are some photos of the view from our 18th story room at the Hilton. On Saturday, we went to the Georgia Aquarium. More on that tomorrow. Gotta run finish laundry from unpacking!


  1. I loved going to Underground Atlanta...even though it was a big tourist trap (as was World of Joke, lol...though I always liked trying the sodas from around the world). Was the CNN center open? I know having that tornado rip through awhile back was pretty hard on a big city like that....

    I always loved the Bank of America building and what it gave to the ATL skyline...when I'd come back from Georgia Brass Band rehearsal on the northside, I'd drive through the city at night...LOVED it! (not so much the driving during commute hours!)

  2. Sound like you had alot of fun. Mmmm Fried Plantains....never tried them, but it does sound good.