Thursday, June 5, 2008


I have attended two "graduations" within the past two days. Some prefer to call them "promotion ceremonies" until they reach their senior year. Yesterday was for my 6 year old who graduated from kindergarten. The whole ceremony was just too cute! Then this morning, my 11 year old "graduated" from fifth grade. They had a whole awards ceremony and everything. It was great. I was blown away and so filled with pride for Jonathan! He's just amazing. Listed here are the awards he got this morning:

President's Gold Award for Educational Excellence (all A's for the year)
A Honor Roll for FIVE years (See cool trophy below.)
Roland Smith Honor Roll Citation (SC's award for all A's or all A/B's for the year)
Principal's Honor Roll (All A's for year)
Honor Roll (A\B's for 4th quarter)
Certificate of Perfect attendance (4th quarter and year)
Math Award
Spelling Award

NOW! Tell me my kid isn't smart! :) We are so proud.

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  1. Those awards are a reflection on his parents as well, you know....

    Good job, Jonathan! Great job, Kim and Ed!