Thursday, September 4, 2008

September's Here!

Well, September is already here. I can't believe it. It has been a busy week, despite having Monday off for Labor Day. Ed and I spent most of the day cleaning out closets, drawers, etc... getting ready for a yard sale soon. We ended the day by enjoying the pool. There won't be much more of that, as the water is already turning colder. I can tell that the change of season is coming with the mornings becoming chillier when we get ready to leave for school.
Speaking of school....Jonathan is doing well in middle school so far. He has managed an A for math and science...don't know about Language Arts or Social Studies yet. He is enjoying band, learning to read music. He thinks he will play either the trombone (first choice) or the saxophone. He originally wanted to play the trumpet, but he had a little trouble hitting the higher notes during try-outs.
Tonight is Open House at his school. I look forward to going to each of his classes. Boy, school sure is different than when I went a "few" years ago. In GT, (gifted and talented) Jonathan actually has to label all the countries on the map of North and South America, Asia, Africa, and Europe by MEMORY! Can YOU do that?
Matthew is trying his best, I think. He made an 80 on his first spelling test, and a 95 on his first math test. It's getting harder, and he gets so anxious. This is one kid who can't wait for the weekends! On this past Friday, I took him to the doctor because his teachers had told me he was going to the bathroom way too often. To sum things up...there was nothing wrong physically. The doctor thinks it's anxiety about school! So the teachers and I have put him on a bathroom he has three times to go each day if needed. Hopefully a routine will be more reassuring for him. I am working hard at home with him on spelling and phonics. So hopefully he'll be able to keep up. His ADD meds have surely helped.
Well, to end today's post, here are some shots from our final pool "hoopla" of the summer! Have a great week (what's left of it!).

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  1. Our Labor Day (I live in Utah) was really cold (50 degrees) and cloudy. I enjoyed seeing pool photos to remind me that it IS still technically the end of summer!