Thursday, September 11, 2008

Thursday Thoughts

1. Heading out to do some shopping in a little while. Going to Anything Goes to get Webkinz stuff for my son, whose birthday is Oct. 1st, and for his best friend, whose birthday is 9-15. Yeah, a new Webkinz to play with on-line....I mean, for Jonathan to play with! :0
Then I'm headed to Walmart to get groceries and gas. I dislike this job worse than dusting! Hear that, Mom? I hate it WORSE than dusting! LOL!

2. Tonight, after a quickie dinner, heading out to Parent Academy at Matthew's school. I really don't feel like going, but I can use all the tips I can get to help him.

3. Sadly, we had to temporarily drop speech therapy at MCG. Yesterday, we got there for his 3 O-clock, thirty minute appointment at 3:15. I got there on time, early in fact. But it takes FOREVER at that time of day to find a parking place. So we decided until she has another time slot opened up, we'll just take a break. On the bright side, I won' t have to depend on someone else to bring Jonathan home from school every Wednesday. :)

4. Monday, the 15th is mine and Ed's 18th wedding anniversary! I told him recently that I've been wanting to try Thai and Indian food. Yea, I know...I don't get out much. Last Friday, we did Thai. Tomorrow, we're dong Indian food. It will be our Anniversary get out of the house date thingy!

Okay....that's about all I've got. Hope you have a great weekend! I hope to post some photos or layouts soon!

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  1. I LOVE Webkinz! The first ones in this house were MINE...we have 6 online...2 are mine (Polar Bear and Unicorn). The kids each have a lil kinz (pug and b&w cat) and a full sized one (reindeer and Chihuahua)...and Hannah got a Pink Poodle for her birthday, but we haven't put it online yet. (saving it till our account is about to expire).

    S0...if you wanna add us, we're...guess....fifenhorn! Yeah, SO unique!!!!