Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas 08

I hope you all had a great Christmas holiday. We did. I felt like it was too short, but we enjoyed the time we had. We had planned to be at my parents' house from Christmas day until Saturday so that we could visit with other relatives. But Friday morning, Matthew woke real early whining, "Mom...I don't feel good." I said, "Do you feel like you are going to throw up?" He said, "Yeah." So off to the bathroom we went, and this went on for several hours. We finally decided to go home, in case he needed a trip to the doctor. We had started him on a stronger dose of his ADD meds on Christmas Eve, and the first day, although quieter, he was fine, except that I noticed he had an extremely difficult time going to sleep. And it wasn't just because Santa was coming. The next day at my parents' house, my dad commented about how his eyes were so fixed. He would look at you and barely blink, almost zombie-like. Well, that evening, he again had a terrible time going to sleep. Then the vomiting started early morning. I wasn't positive it was the meds. I mean, this time of year, it could be stomach flu or virus. So we left to come home. About a half hour into our three hour drive back, we stopped and got him a ginger-ale, which was his first by the way. He LOVED it. (I've never seen a kid get so excited about a drink!) He never vomited again, and he even ate a 3-inch sub for lunch. By 1 PM, we couldn't even tell he had been sick. So we deduced it was the meds. I didn't give him any meds yesterday or today, so that his little body can begin to feel normal again. Tomorrow I'll start him back on his old dose. I hate having to give him any drugs. Poor thing! But this medicine has helped him focus so much better at school this year!
Okay...back to Christmas. Ed took the trash to the recycling/dump this morning, and he said we had 17 bags of garbage! Geez! Matthew and Jonathan were happy with everything Santa brought, and my hubby got me a new lens for my camera, a 55-250 mm telephoto lens. It takes great photos. See below for some I took on Christmas Day. The best part of Christmas was celebrating Christ's birthday and sharing the great food and laughs with family. And I plan to enjoy these last few days of the kids' break from school. Hope you enjoy your break as well.

Kim's Grandparents
Andy, Kim's parents' schnauzer
Thank you hugs for Grandpa and Grandma

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