Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Counting Down to Christmas

Sorry about the lag in posting. We had a wonderful time visiting with family during Thanksgiving. Above are some of my favorite photos from the holiday weekend. I took many more, but there's not enough room here! Jonathan enjoyed playing his trombone with his cousin, Sam, who plays the saxaphone. They sounded great together! On Thursday night, my husband did his yearly thing of camping out in front of a store so as to not miss the bargains. This year, we got a great deal on a steam carpet cleaner and some other items that we almost didn't fit in the car for the trip home! LOL! The day after Thanksgiving was my traditional shopping day with my mom. We shopped at Gardenridge, Walmart, Family Christian Stores and Kohls. We had a great time together. But I have to say, I am FAR from being done with my Christmas shopping. When we got home, we actually got unpacked and managed to get the Christmas tree up on Sunday night.
Also, here are some photos of trimming the tree. Always a lot of fun, and Matthew just gets so excited about helping with the ornaments! We have no "theme tree," as ours is a hodge podge of ornaments with stories behind almost every one.
Oh, and remember several weeks back when I told you about my yard sale find for .50, and I promised I'd show you what I did with it? Well here it is....ready to hang in my dining room!

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  1. Love the memory board! What a cute idea! Love collages of photos! Glad your thanksgiving was good. Love Black Friday!