Wednesday, October 22, 2008


I love the fall. No, I mean I really LOVE it! Except for my allergy to ragweed, I love nearly everything there is about fall...the cooler temps, the beautiful colors, and all of the activities that happen only in the fall. By the way, the photo in my heading is a fall picture taken from my parents' backyard. Here are some of the sites around our house so far this season.

Usually we visit the pumpkin patch with the kids, but this may be the first year we haven't taken them. We've kind of overscheduled ourselves, and it looks like we may not get to go. But last night we did something we haven't done since Jonathan was real tiny. We went to the fair. We were so proud of ourselves because we used our yard sale earnings from the weekend and had a blast! One of the best parts was the Southern Monster Truck Show. Matthew was just loving it!
We also loved the rides, the games, the animals, and of course, the food. What's a fair without funnel cake and cotton candy? I hope these are family memories that my kids will remember forever. So what if Matthew got to bed at 11 PM last night...and I let him sleep in this morning...and took him to school an hour late? You only get one time around! :)

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