Thursday, October 16, 2008

Send a message

Hi Everyone,
There are two important messages you can send. Here's the first one. I'm sure there's not many of you out there who don't know who Rev. Billy Graham is. Well, now you have a unique opportunity to send him a special birthday greeting. On November 7th, Mr. Graham will turn 90 years old. Please pause my playlist and watch this short video clip.

Then go HERE to compose your greeting.

A second message you can send in November is your vote. I heard someone say just yesterday, "I know this probably isn't the right way to think, but why bother with voting? They are just going to do what they want anyway." Folks....please don't think your vote doesn't matter. It does, and it's more important than ever to VOTE, not just in the presidential race, but also in the congressional races! Take a minute to watch this video clip. Thanks for visiting!

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