Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter 2008

Aren't my boys so handsome? My 11 year old acted sort of like he felt too old to get an Easter basket. When do you actually stop doing this? He did go trick or treating this year, but had to be talked into it. So if Matthew gets an Easter basket next year, what do I do for Jonathan at 12?
Anyway....we got up and went to the 9:30 service at church and enjoyed celebrating Christ's resurrection. We left there in separate cars since Ed had parking duty (parking was a mess!). The kids and I went by Wifesavers to get lunch. I just LOVE their chicken strips. Ed got home, and we ate. The kids opened their Easter baskets, played a little, and then we went out back to hunt eggs. We have a pretty big backyard, and I hid them all over. Matthew (now almost 6) did nearly as well as Jonathan. I hid 34 plastic eggs with treats inside, and 9 real eggs (dyed 10 and one was smashed). The kids got a quarter for each real egg they found. It ended up working out pretty evenly. Our neighbor ended up not coming because they were at their cousins house helping with tornado cleanup from a week or so ago. Although we would love to have been with family on Easter, we still enjoyed it. Maybe next year, we'll go to my parents' house for Easter.
Since we had such a big lunch, and the kids ate candy during the afternoon, I had decided not to cook. We were watching some documentary about different hot dog places on tv, and Ed decided we'd go to Nathan's and get a hot dog. Not only did we get hot dogs, but we also got ice cream for dessert. That kind of eating is exactly why I'm not posting my photo in my Easter outfit!! was a beautiful spring day, and we enjoyed being outside. I find myself looking more and more forward to pool season. Ed is going to open it in a week or two, even though the water won't be warm enough for me until some time in June.
The picture below is of the eggs I hung from my kitchen window. Wasn't sure the photo would turn out, but hopefully you can see it. The eggs were less than 2 bucks each, so I thought it was a cute spring addition.


  1. So nice to meet you! Thanks for leaving a comment so I could find you too. :)

    I totally agree about the color deficient thing!!! Don't get it but I certainly do not pass the tests.

    I also wanted to say "welcome" because from your archives it looks like this is a new venture for you.

  2. I wouldn't know what to get a child who is too old for a basket. Maybe some sports equipement like a basketball or something. I don't remember if I did the Easter Egg hunt all the years growing up. But I do remember participating in the family hunt when I was a young adult...heck...they told us one of those babies contained a $20 bill..I wasn't going to pass that chance up.

  3. the boys are so cute! and I love your eggs hanging in the window...they are lovely!

    I am not sure when kids stop the Easter Basket thing...I know some people do it till their kids are married! My SIL still gives her kids one...they are 16, 13, and 10. I guess it's what you put in that changes.

    I don't think we ever ate Wifesavers...or maybe once. I miss Zaxby's chicken...and their potato chips!!!